Japanese Gardens

2017 Metal Architecture Design Award for Metal Roofing

Project Details

Owner: Portland Japanese Garden
Location: Portland, OR
Architect: Kengo Kuma

  • Design Assist
  • Installation Services
  • Custom Rain Screen

Bassett Construction provided a custom rain screen roof system for the Portland Japanese Garden’s Cultural Crossing expansion project.

Photos © Bassett Construction, Inc.

Cultural Crossing Expansion Project

A unique requirement of this roof system was that it needed to be walkable. Additionally, there were extreme wind load requirements on this project due to its hillside location. To meet these requirements, a custom engineered supporting fin system was utilized on the underside of the panels. The roof system buildup was complex but can be described as support angles and clips fastened and sealed to the roof system to create a raised level grid. Then custom extrusions attached directly to the back of the material with supports running across the field of the panels to create the walkable roof.

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