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Owner: Apple
Location: Cupertino, CA
Architect: Foster and Partners

This latest iteration of structural glass design provides the purest form possible within the limits of current material fabrication. Clear glazed single panel walls with no connections to distract the eye, 10m long by 3m high on four sides, provide an efficient structural form capable of resisting seismic loads, while providing total transparency and architectural purity.

Photos © Bassett Construction, Inc.

Carbon Fiber as a Building Material

This example of using carbon fiber as a building material on such a large scale shows that building with carbon fiber can be risk the cost in certain circumstances. This case worked so well because the roof needed to be light enough to be able to sit on top of glass panels, and only glass panels, for support. As we continue to move forward in innovation and push the limits of design and engineering, this roof can be used as a case study for years to come of an example of how these types of things can be done.