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Custom Fabricated Facades Washington

Custom Fabricated Facades Company

Custom Fabricated Facades Wa

The industry professionals at Bassett Construction have collective expertise in metal enclosure systems, including custom-fabricated facades. Based in Vancouver, Washington, we’ve established ourselves as a nationally acclaimed architectural sheet metal contractor with a strong portfolio of successful projects across North America, providing valuable insights to building owners, architects, and contractors throughout the initial design process to the installation stage. Facades and art screens add more than just aesthetic flair; they can improve the structural integrity of your building. Learn more about how Bassett Construction can improve your next commercial or industrial project today.

Our Custom Fabrication Services

Panel System Installation

We provide versatile architectural cladding solutions, including a comprehensive range of panel systems to elevate your project and protect it from varying weather conditions. We offer insulated metal panels using cutting-edge insulated technology, combining thermal efficiency with sleek aesthetics for energy-efficient building envelopes. Composite wall panels are the best option for design flexibility and durability due to their sophisticated modern appearance. Single-skin metal panels, known for their lightweight construction and versatility, offer cost-effective solutions without compromising durability. We also have cement and resin panels and provide custom solutions for your architectural cladding needs. Bassett Construction is committed to high-performance panel systems that set the standard for innovation and functionality in the construction industry.

Design Build Services and Project Management

Design-build services provide single-source solutions for our clients by integrating the work of architects, designers, and construction professionals in a collaborative process. Each phase of the construction process operates optimally, increasing accountability, decreasing project timelines, and offering cost-effective solutions through a system built on communication and coordination. Bassett Construction’s design-build services are the solution to your project management needs, and we are committed to providing exceptional results.

Envelope Consulting Services

Bassett Construction is available to guide clients through every stage of building enclosure design and implementation with our envelope consulting services. We have a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience with assessing, optimizing, and enhancing the performance of building envelopes. We collaborate with building owners, architects, and construction professionals to ensure the envelope systems meet and exceed industry standards.

Exotic Architectural Installations

For Bassett Construction, creativity knows no bounds. We thrive on pushing the boundaries of conventional design, bringing innovation to every project. We install captivating structures that stand out in the architectural landscape; whether incorporating unconventional materials or assisting with executing an intricate creative design, we redefine expectations and leave a lasting impression with exotic architectural installations.

Why Sets Bassett Construction Apart

We use our knowledge of metal enclosure systems to help create custom-fabricated facades that turn your building exterior into a distinct and visually stunning masterpiece. We have unmatched creativity and understanding of structural integrity and materials and work closely with contractors to ensure your facade ideas come to life. From cutting-edge siding systems to exotic architecture, choose Bassett Construction for innovative solutions and architectural design expertise in Washington State and across North America.