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Architectural Metal Design California

Architectural Metal Design Company

Architectural Metal Design California

A team of industry colleagues founded Bassett Construction as an opportunity to build a company around our knowledge of metal enclosure systems. Headquartered in Vancouver, California, we’re a nationally acclaimed architectural sheet metal contractor with an extensive portfolio of successful projects across North America. Bassett Construction comprises a knowledgeable team that contributes valuable insight to building owners, architects, and contractors from the early design stage to the installation of the completed architectural fixture. We help assist in the design and installation of a wide variety of architectural products, including everything from single-skin envelope systems to intricately fabricated facades and art screens. Our experienced high-end subcontractors are here to direct the design process and offer innovative solutions for your next commercial or industrial construction project.

Our Architectural Sheet Metal Services

Single-Skin Metal Panels

Single-skin metal panels are an innovative solution that seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with structural durability. Manufactured as a single metal layer, these panels often have sleek modern finishes and act as a protective barrier outside your structure, ensuring longevity and resistance to varying weather conditions. With their easy installation, lightweight construction, and flexibility, single-skin metal panels are the preferred choice for many architectural design projects.

Ornamental and Structural Steel Designs 

Precision meets artistry to create ornamental and structural steel designs that improve aesthetics while maintaining functionality. We transform commercial and industrial buildings with visually striking steel elements, from detailed ornamental steel to supportive steel structures.

Sunshades and Louvers

Sunshades provide solar control, reducing glare and optimizing energy efficiency, but they also add a stylish touch to the exterior of your building. Louvers contribute to ventilation and privacy while adding a distinctive architectural flair. Whether for commercial, industrial, or institutional projects, our sunshades and louvers solutions showcase a commitment to precision engineering and creative design, ensuring that every installation harmoniously complements the overall architectural vision while serving a crucial purpose in sun control, privacy, and ventilation.

Envelope Consulting Services

Architectural Metal Design Near Me California

Bassett Construction is available to guide clients through every stage of building enclosure design and implementation with our envelope consulting services. We have a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience with assessing, optimizing, and enhancing the performance of building envelopes. We collaborate with building owners, architects, and construction professionals to ensure the envelope systems meet and exceed industry standards.

What Sets Bassett Construction Apart

The industry professionals at Bassett Construction have over nine decades of collective experience in the architectural metal design industry. We work closely with architects and stakeholders to bring their ideas to life, offering various services spanning from decorative curved facades and sculptural elements to weatherproofing exterior structures. Using our expertise in working with stainless steel, we bring durability and sophistication to every design. Bring your ideas to life with Bassett Construction, and contact us today to discuss your project in Vancouver, California, and across North America.