Merritt College


Owner: Peralta Community College District
Location: Oakland, CA
Architect: NTD Architecture

  • 15,000 SF Custom Perforated DNA Shade Screen Panels and Support System
  • 28,000 SF Composite Panels
  • Sheet Metal Flashing & Trim
  • Louvers

Photos © Bassett Construction, Inc.

Celebrating Sustainable Goals

There is more of a scientific philosophy behind the gold-hued screening than just keeping out the glare. According to the designers, it is “artistic abstractions of scientific principles with the coding signifying a genetic legacy that unites all people while recognizing diversity in our population.”

The team took design elements and incorporated the buildings allied health identity into it. The exterior sunscreen panels represent different DNA from around the world. The center staircase was done as a spiral staircase to emulate a Double Helix DNA.